Namibia is a popular tourist destination and yet there is great poverty, hunger and unemployment in many parts of the country. The Kavango East region is particularly hard hit. Experiencing this temporary poverty at first hand strengthened our desire to help people in need. Our various resources allow us to give them a perspective for the future by offering them help to help themselves and by sharing our experience and knowledge.

Purpose of the association 

  • We want to help people to help themselves
  • We want to create jobs
  • We want to make living conditions more bearable
  • We want to give the inhabitants the opportunity to become independent/self-reliant
  • We want to enable school education

Our vision

  • Reduce hunger by growing food
  • Increase food diversity
  • Counteract poverty
  • Promoting self-reliance
  • Raising awareness
  • Enable education


Where and under what circumstances we were born shapes our lives. Many people live in almost unimaginable poverty and have no way of escaping their misery on their own. Together, we want to support them in their familiar environment with our various resources and knowledge and improve their living conditions according to their possibilities without being judgmental.

We work together with trustworthy local people who know the living conditions and the necessary help and implement it in a targeted and fair manner.

Guiding principle

Prosperity cannot be provided, it must be earned. M. Ghandi