Our motivation

With our project, we meet people at eye level, enable them to build something of their own and improve their living conditions. In doing so, we strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence and promote their independence.


The undignified living conditions of many people in Kavango have motivated me to work directly and in personal contact with the local people and to build a project together in which everyone takes responsibility.
The joie de vivre that people radiate despite their poverty impresses and touches me time and time again. 

Patrizia Bevilacqua



I have been living in Kavango/Namibia for 15 years and the poor population is very close to my heart.

I am involved with Dipupo because the organisation helps the poorest in an uncomplicated, unbureaucratic and practical way - be it through employment, access to water in the village or schooling for the village children.

Daniel Langhart


I support the Dipupo project because the well-being of the children is important to me.  It is wonderful to see how the children enjoy attending the kindergarten. The children learn simple writing and learning exercises there and can escape their busy everyday lives with many hardships for a few hours, play and simply be children.  

Margrit Hofer


Kostodius Malasa, Manager of Dipupo

The project DIPUPO is a project to helping people to help themselves. That means that those affected and their relatives are empowered to become active themselves. This with the desire to change something about their own situation.
People come to us looking for a job. When they discover the spirit of self-help, they gain hope and develop further. The employment opportunities we offer them awaken in them their own potential to further their education in order to manage their lives independently.
DIPUPO is an NGO that gives people hope, strengthens them in their endeavors and is their springboard for their independent future.

What does the project mean to people in Namibia

Fabianus Munika, would like to be a bicycle mechanic

Dipupo is a project that works closely with the people in my village and helps them. I would like to thank Dipupo Investment cc for their good work. I am one of the beneficiaries of Dipupo's services. They help people with writing emails, welding, they provide laptops for students to continue their studies, and they are involved in agriculture to eradicate hunger and much more. They help in the villages around Andara and in other places far away. I wholeheartedly support Dipupo for their smooth services. I am happy that people's lives are not the same as before and that means a lot to me because the Dipupo project is helping to change lives.

I can assure you that you should give Dipupo a try, you will thank me later.


Mernah Tamer, Weni kavango project

As I've volunteered to see Dipupo's work over the years, I've realized that it's become an integral part of the community it serves. Dipupo has become an integrated ray of sunlight to the parents who never had the chance to study, to the young people who could not further their studies due to financial difficulties, and to the children who yearned to experience what a quality foundation of knowledge felt like. Through Dipupo, all of this and more, has become possible.
In a world so focused on financial rewards only and not the peoplewho live on it, it is critical to cultivate and assist philanthropists in doing greater good for others, because humanity is supp0sed to be gently cultivated through acts of Compassion.
It takes a village to foster greater diversity, thusI would encourage more people to join this organization.