Offers Dipupo Investment CC

Welding Service

As a trained / qualified welder, I train apprentices in my workshop in the practical practice of welding.

We produce beds, grave borders, tables and steel structures for house building. We are happy to take your requests and orders.

Driver Service

We offer transportation of people and goods. Our car can accommodate 6 people, excluding drivers. The rental of our car can be discussed with us.

If there is interest, we also offer guided tours in our region, far from tourist attractions, so that they can get to know and understand our lives.

Transport service

With our truck we transport any goods for you at a fair price. The total loading weight is 4 tons.

We are pleased to offer you this service, please contact us without obligation.


To counter hunger and lack of food, we keep and sell pigs and in the future also chickens. Soon we want to grow vegetables and grains on our farm, away from Andara, and offer them for sale.

With our farm, we create jobs and thus help to counter migration.

Internet service

With our new offer we help you to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends even over long distances. 

We help you to set up your mobile phone, laptop or computer.

Open an email account for you or and help you to write emails.

Please contact us:

Costody 081 741 47 71

Reagan  081 351 23 90