December 2020

The upcoming garden work was also not neglected while I was on site in December 2020. The garden was overgrown with grass, which we weeded. 

As soon as the garden was prepared, I began sowing the various seeds.Since there are no plant seedlings in Namibia, I sowed the seeds cabbage, pumpkin, beans, peanuts, melons, onions and ocra directly into the sandy soil with the hope that it will grow.

The little wooden sticks mark the seed course so the seedlings don't get plucked out as weeds, because I've had that experience many times in my gardening and Diana was deliciously amused that I couldn't tell Mutete from weeds.



January 2021

With the onset of the rainy season, the sown seeds grow very well. Soon mutete can be harvested. Pumpkin, corn, okra and melons are growing, but also the weeds , bush and shrubs, so that continues to require a lot of work in the garden. 





March 2021

For a long time, not much attention was paid to agriculture, because the kindergarten had priority. Due to the continuous rain, the scrub grew very high everywhere, so that the whole piece of land is overgrown again, as well as our garden. Therefore, together with all family members, the garden was weeded again, the corn was harvested and the soil was dug up. Beds were created and sowing started.





June 2021

Due to the lack of experience in agriculture, the efforts of the workers were not rewarded and the yields were minimal. In order to make up for this lack of knowledge, we have now hired 2 farmers to train our workers and help them to cultivate the enlarged garden and the adjacent fields. 

Before that, however, the whole property must be fenced to keep the animals away from the plants. 



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