Kostodius Malasa

Growing up in poverty and hunger and as the main person responsible for the education and future of my 6 siblings, I looked for work all over Namibia. Poorly paid temporary jobs are hardly available and it is almost impossible to find a permanent job without a transaction. So after my apprenticeship as a welder I started to build my small welding business.

My wish to start a business in Andara and to secure our future together with young people is my motivation to work hard on my dream. I am aware of my role model function for the youth in the village and that is why I train young, motivated people in my workshop. Together we strengthen our region and manufacture homemade, self-made products. Through meaningful work we shape our everyday life and can support our families with our earnings.


Patrizia Bevilacqua

After my assignment at the Andara Catholic Hospital, I was unable to return to my usual everyday life. For me it was clear that the living situation of the local population would only change if the emigration of young people to the big city can be stopped by having enough jobs, earning opportunities and food for them.

The selfless, helpful and calm nature of Kostodius Malasa and his indomitable will to believe in his future, to work for the youth of the Andara region and to work hard on his dream convinced me, so that I support, advise and support Kostodius Malasa in his project accompany.